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Ribosomal Transcriptome

Ribosome is an important machine that is inseparable from many life activities of organisms, such as cell proliferation and protein synthesis. The development of ribosomal transcriptomics has laid the foundation for further understanding of the protein synthesis process. Creative Biolabs is a leading ribosome analysis service provider. At Creative Biolabs, we focus on providing customized service to our global clients, we will help you promote your program to success.

Introduction to Ribosomal Transcriptome

Translation is an essential process in life. It outlines the process of converting genetic information in mRNA nucleotide sequences into proteins. Translation is carried out by the ribosome, which first recognizes the region of the mRNA that encodes the protein, then reads the codons one at a time, assembling a polypeptide whose amino acid sequence corresponds to the codon sequence. Therefore, to understand translation and its regulation, it is essential to determine the location and number of ribosomes on mRNA in vivo. Ribosomal profiling provides an opportunity to explore these locations as a novel strategy. Analysis of the ribosomal transcriptome primarily sequenced cDNA libraries derived from ribosome-covered mRNA short fragments, and ribosome profiling performed transcriptome-wide measurements of ribosome occupancy.

Schematic of genome-wide methods to study polysome-associated mRNAs.Fig.1 Schematic of genome-wide methods to study polysome-associated mRNAs. (Kapeli, 2012)

The Role of Transcriptome Analysis

The transcriptome of the sample provides a more representative expression profile, reducing the search space by eliminating unexpressed gene products. Transcriptome also provides information about sequence variation, such as mutations and editing variations, which can aid in the detection of novel proteins. However, due to extensive translational regulation, the presence of transcripts does not correspond exactly to the presence of the corresponding protein. Recently, a new technique that attempts to address these limitations has been described: ribosome profiling. Breakthroughs in transcriptome analysis have been facilitated by advances in ribosome analysis.

Services in Creative Biolabs

We provide flexible analysis services which include but are not limited to:

Features of Our Services

  • Years of experience in ribosome transcriptome analysis services.
  • Advanced technology platform for ribosome purification and analysis.
  • Short cycles and cost-effectiveness.
  • Appropriate and timely after-sales service.

The success of different experiments depends on appropriate experimental procedures and analytical methods. Scientists in Creative Biolabs will choose the optimal experimental procedures and techniques according to your project needs. Welcome to discuss your ribosome-related project with our experts. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


  1. Kapeli, K.; et al. Genome-wide approaches to dissect the roles of RNA binding proteins in translational control: implications for neurological diseases. Frontiers in neuroscience. 2012, 6: 144.
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