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Ribosome Analysis Services

As an important macromolecular translation machine in organisms, ribosomes are inseparable from life activities such as protein synthesis and cell proliferation. In recent years, scientists have become more and more interested in the study of ribosome-related factors. As a global reputable ribosome service provider, Creative Biolabs is pleased to provide ribosome analysis services to our customers worldwide.

Introduction of Ribosomes

Ribosomes are complexes of RNA and protein. Ribosomes are large molecular machines that translate sequences of messenger RNA into proteins in all living cells. Furthermore, there is a close correlation between ribosome biogenesis and cell proliferation. There is increasing evidence that dysregulated ribosome biosynthesis is closely associated with an increased risk of cancer and metabolic disorders. Analysis of ribosomes has identified some of the factors involved in these complex processes, providing new perspectives for further in-depth study of ribosome properties and functions.

Ribosomal Transcriptome

Both biological sciences and medicine rely on rapid genomic and transcriptomic analysis techniques to probe cellular state, physiology, and activity. Among the technologies, microarray technology and next-generation transcript sequencing (RNA-Seq) are the most advanced. Among them, RNA-Seq offers limitless possibilities in modern biological analysis. For the ribosomal transcriptome, the analysis mainly involves cDNA libraries from short mRNA fragments covered by ribosomes.

A schematic of the ribosome profiling protocol.Fig.1 A schematic of the ribosome profiling protocol. (McGlincy, 2017)

Ribosomal Proteomics

In recent years, proteomics research has made great progress with the development of technology. But ribosomal proteomics still lags. Recently, with the rise of the ribosomal filtering hypothesis and ribosome-specific regulatory capabilities, ribosomal proteomics has emerged as an important strategy for understanding the mechanism of ribosome translation. Undoubtedly, the development of ribosomal proteomics provides a promising strategy for explaining the properties and roles of ribosomal proteins.

Work flows of three strategies for ribosomal proteomic research.Fig.2 Work flows of three strategies for ribosomal proteomic research. (Yan, 2015)

Why Choose Us?

  • Industry leadership

Our industry-leading expertise in ribosome extraction and analysis can help advance your project.

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We have established a complete experimental platform for ribosome purification and analysis.

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Our excellent research team specializes in theoretical knowledge and practical skills in ribosome isolation and analysis.

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We have successfully completed many ribosome projects and accumulated rich experience. We can provide a professionally customized process according to your project needs.

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Our team can provide diverse and low-cost, high-efficiency one-stop ribosome analysis services.

As a leader in the field of ribosome research, Creative Biolabs aims to provide high-quality ribosome extraction and analysis services to customers around the world. Our customized services will greatly contribute to the success of your project. Please contact us for more information and a detailed quotation.


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