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Ribosomal Protein Expression

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider that focuses on ribosomal proteomics research. Based on our advanced platforms and extensive experience, now we can provide the ribosomal protein expression service based on various expression systems.

For ribosomal proteome research, high-quality ribosomal proteins are essential. Especially for some specific applications, choosing the right protein expression system is an important factor for the success of the experiment. Relying on experienced researchers and advanced platforms, Creative Biolabs provides the one-stop ribosomal protein expression services including gene design, codon optimization, expression condition testing, and protein purification.

Fig. 1Ribosomal protein uS7 and fucoxanthinol. (Iizumi, Yosuke, et al., 2022)Fig. 1 Ribosomal protein uS7 is the major binding protein of fucoxanthinol.¹

  • E.coli Expression System

Based on the clear genetic background, the E. coli expression system is the most widely used prokaryotic protein expression system. The short culture period and strong anti-contamination ability of this system make it applicable to the expression of various proteins. Our engineered strains can guarantee protein expression in quantity, purity, and endotoxin levels to meet your various research needs.

  • Yeast Expression System

Yeast is an excellent system for the expression of both endogenous and heterologous recombinant eukaryotic proteins. Yeast genomes are easy to manipulate and can therefore be optimized to express specific proteins. In addition, yeast grows faster and large-scale cultures can be performed using fermentation, further reducing production costs. Our yeast expression system can improve the solubility of the protein, so that has been served as an ideal tool for the production and preparation of recombinant ribosomal protein.

  • Mammalian Cell Expression System

Transient expression in mammalian cells enables the protein expression with post-translational modification close to the natural state. CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) cells and HEK293 cells are the principal mammalian host used for recombinant protein production. Our established mammalian cell expression system allows additional requirements such as label removal, endotoxin removal, serum-free suspension culture, etc.

  • Baculovirus Expression Vector System

Baculoviruses are lethal pathogens of insects. With the unique biphasic life cycle, they have been engineered as protein expression vectors. Our established baculovirus expression vector system has been successfully used for virus production and recombinant proteins expression from baculovirus-infected insect cells. With the advanced codon optimization for insect cell lines, the ribosomal protein expression levels can be further improved.

Advantages of Our Ribosomal Protein Expression Service

  • Multiple expression systems to choose from
  • Well-trained scientists and extensive experience
  • Low price and high-quality product
  • Additional protein engineering to meet different customer needs

Creative Biolabs has been a long-term expert in the field of ribosome research. Based on our extensive experience and advanced platforms, we are confident in offering a series of ribosome-related services, including ribosome separation and extraction services, ribosome analysis services, as well as ribosomal marker antibody development services. If you are interested in our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.


  1. Iizumi, Yosuke, et al. "Stabilization of CDK6 by ribosomal protein uS7, a target protein of the natural product fucoxanthinol." Communications Biology 5.1 (2022): 564.
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